The wonder of an English Bluebell wood

Well hasn’t it been a long winter, It seems to have been never ending! To keep my spirits up throughout the dark, wet, and cold winter months I have been looking through my sketchbooks and photographs for the technicolour spectacle that is spring.  I have always been delighted at the abundance the season has to offer, from the first signs of crisp little white snowdrops as they appear through the soil, to a full symphony of daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips just to mention a few. But for me nothing is quite as magical as the sight and scent of a bluebell wood on a sunny morning in late April. It is a sight I never get tired of. I’m incredibly lucky to live in a part of the UK that has several bluebell woods and each year I eagerly take my sketchbook and camera out to capture this lovely natural wonder.  


During my time exploring this spring phenomena I have not only been blown away by the impact of it’s cobalt blue carpet but also the finer details of each individual flower with their delicate nodding heads.  The wildlife that call the bluebell wood their home are always keeping me entertained with ideas for my forthcoming projects. I have often seen hares hiding amongst the flowers keeping a watch on me well before I have spotted them!


With the weather looking to be glorious (fingers crossed) later this week I’ll be keeping an eye out for these enchanting little flowers. To walk through a bluebell wood is truly good for the soul. I do hope you get the chance to do the same. Below is a link to the woodland trust where you can find all the latest updates on bluebells flowering around the UK.